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2008 Canadian Hunting & Fishing Reports

Ice Fishing for Lake Trout, Fly In Outpost Fishing, Boat In Fishing, & Drive In Fishing Vacations for walleye, northern pike, muskie, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and crappie. Canadian Hunting for Trophy Whitetail Deer and Black Bear in Ontario, Canada. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Hunting Trip: Remote Whitetail Deer Hunt

Dates: October 23 - November 26 2008

Hunt Summary: The hunt started out with unseasonably warm weather, in the 60-70's with lots of wind and rain. The weather slowly turned and our rut started to kick in. Our success rate was slightly lower this season at just over 50% success being enjoyed. The largest deer this season were in the 150 class. Some of the hunters were lucky enough to see quality bucks, but passed looking for the Booner. A few hunters ended up missing some beautiful bucks that would have been excellent trophies. Most hunters are returning again next year, but we still have a few openings for next years hunts. Feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting in Ontario Canada Canadian Whitetail Deer Hunts in Ontario Trophy Whitetail Hunting Outfitter in Ontario Canada

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 9/18 - 9/22/08

Group Name: Brueyere

Guest Comments: Everything was great. Caught lots of northerns, some nice lake trout, smallmouth bass, and landed 3 muskies. Largest 47", others seen and lost. Good Trip.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 9/13 - 9/18/08

Group Name: Willocks

Guest Comments: Very good fishing. Lots of smallmouth, more big fish this year than previous. Largest smallmouth 21". Lots of northerns, lost lots of tackle. Looking forward to next year.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 9/6 - 9/13/08

Group Name: Siler

Guest Comments: Fishing was great again! Weather held out nicely. Bass harder to locate than in past. Always on the move. Sometimes deep - sometimes shallow. Big Pike everywhere! Will certainly be back in a few years. Thanks again to Lucas & Nicole.

Hunting Trip: Off Lake Bear Hunt

Dates: 9/6 - 9/9/08

Group Name: Slingerland / Outdoor Connection

Guest Comments: Hunt was great, it was scheduled for a week,  but only took one night of hunting. Everything went smooth and was a very enjoyable hunt. Nice cabin and meals were appreciated. Only problem was hunt was over to quickly. Will definitely recommend to others. Hope to return again.

Ontario Bear Hunting with a bow

Hunting Trip: Off Lake Bear Hunt

Dates: 8/30 - 9/6/08

Group Name: Frede

Guest Comments: Another successful bear hunt with Gateway North Outfitters. Hunt started off very good with one bear shot at the bait site before getting in the treestand. I tagged out on first day of the hunt last year as well. Multiple bears seen at the other bait and harvested a nice boar. Had bears all around the stand and it was more exciting than skydiving. Cabin, hunt, and service were great just like last year. Hoping to return again next year to get the BIG BEAR that was caught on camera, but avoided being seen when on stand.

Bear Hunting in Ontario Canada Trophy Bear Hunts in Canada

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 8/28 - 9/1/08

Group Name: Rhudy

Guest Comments: Good fishing, many smallmouth bass 11"-14" - 100 - large pike 30"+. Tons of 8"-11" bass. Windy weather.

"Great Grill" unlike the northern cabins. really cooks good!

Excellent pots & pans - dishwear. Pans are level and cook correctly w/ non stick coating.

Hunting Trip: Off Lake Bear Hunt

Dates: 8/23 - 8/30/08

Group Name: Turpin

Guest Comments: Let me start by saying it was my best hunting or fishing trip ever. The cabin was real nice and very clean. We had also taken the meals included plan, we could have not been happier, the food was great! Another big part of our trip was the way that Lucas & Nicole and their kids all made  my wife an I feel right at home. It was also clear to me as a guide Lucas worked very hard so his guests get the quality of game in   which they came for, whether it be hunting or fishing. The fishing was pretty good, caught a few nice northerns and smallmouth, one smallmouth went over 19 in. The bear hunting started of a little slow, it was hot during the day when we got there and the bears were feeding more at night. That changed quickly and I had  bears all around. Passed on a number of bears, then took a nice one. I am hopping to come back next year.

Wisconsin Bear Hunter

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 8/12 - 8/16/08

Group Name: Goerges

Guest Comments: Everything at the cabin worked well. Caught lots of smallmouth and had good walleye fishing. Didn't get any muskies.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 7/27 - 8/4/08

Group Name: Kobielush

Guest Comments: Caught one good muskie and one small muskie. The northern bite was very good. Caught a few smallies, but they were our second priority. Cabin was awesome, clean and very nice. Loved the new grill. Hope to be back the same week next year.

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 8/1 - 8/4/08

Group Name: Kreger

Guest Comments: Cabin was great, best we have seen at many places. Fishing was good, caught walleye, smallmouth bass, and northern. Largest walleye was 22", most walleyes caught on edge of weed lines in 8-12 feet of water, minnows and leeches worked best.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 7/12 - 7/18/08

Group Name: Czarnota

Guest Comments: We had a FANTASTIC time! The cabin is very comfortable and had everything we needed for the week. We caught alot of fish - mostly northerns and smallmouth bass. We managed to reel in a 45" muskie and a 37" northern!! Our 8 year old twin boys had a blast! Fishing, campfires, sunsets, swimming....     There's no shortage of fun!! We highly recommend Gateway North Outfitters!!

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 6/28 - 7/12/08

Group Name: Lambert/Strock

Guest Comments: Nice bass along rocky shoreline, walleyes came up to the shallow reefs. Weather not the best, but caught good fish everyday. We will return again.

Northern Pike Fishing in Ontario Canadian Walleye Dinner Ontario Sunset Country

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 6/27 - 7/3/08

Group Name: Bitsko

Guest Comments: Portage lake was great - drop shot & Rapalas. Main lake was great on East end with drop shot and Rapalas too. Not many beds left. Good fish in deeper water with rocks. 600 - 700 fish caught for the week. Mostly bass with some pike. Largest smallmouth was 20", largest pike 30". Average pike 25" and bass 14". We will return next year.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 6/23 - 6/27/08

Group Name: Butler

Guest Comments: Great Trip - smallmouth fishing was fantastic - Cabin and equipment great - aircraft was awesome - Thanks Lucas & Nicole

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/18 - 6/25/08

Group Name: Mack

Guest Comments: 6 Sunny days out of 7 with smallmouth on the beds back in the shallow bays. Caught (1) 20", (1) 19", and many 17" & 18", as many as we wanted. northern ran 24" - 32" and were plentiful in the coves and bigger on the points. We tried lake trout one morning, made 5 passes across island in front of cabin and caught a 32" on the second pass. Portage lakes were good for bass. Will be back again! Full moon rise over the lake were 4 nights was great! THANKS!!!!

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 6/16 - 6/23/08

Group Name: Cook

Guest comments: Good flight, smooth landings and on time. Good fishing - 1200 fish, big fish were 40" pike and 20" smallmouth. Bass on nests in shallow water, northerns over coon tail grass and on tree tops near deep water. Caught 2 white fish and hooked 1 muskie.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/14 - 6/18/08

Group Name: Laker

Guest Comments: The fishing was a bit slower than other years, but still had a good trip. Biggest northern was 34" and biggest smallmouth was 18". Lots of 16" & 17" smallmouth. Almost drank all of our beer, maybe 1/2 a case left out the 20 30 packs we brought. Thanks Lucas & Nicole for your hospitality.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 6/10 - 6/14/08

Group Name: Scearce

Guest Comments: Fishing good. Weather very rainy. Fronts kept fishing slow. We caught lots of fish on overcast day. Caught a 35 1/2" muskie on Fat Free Shad(crawl). Not many snakes - most northerns 7-8 lb class. Caught over 40 northerns, 30 bass, and 2 lake trout.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 6/7 - 6/14/08

Group Name: Bristow

Guest Comments: Great trip as always. Heavy wind but bass on beds. Only 2 lake trout, but both 30". Thanks for the new grill and see you next year.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 6/8 - 6/13/08

Group Name: Waters

Guest Comments: Alot of rain and wind but we still caught fish. Big muskies caught while fishing smallmouth. Some nice lake trout. Smallmouth and walleyes were slow. Plenty of fish for some great fish frys! Thanks for the accommodations on Pipestone and letting us spend the night on Off Lake.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 6/3 - 6/10/08

Group Name: Shoemaker

Guest Comments: Cabin - Great - Thanks Nicole

Fishing - Fantastic when we could fish (weather was terrible).

Many smallmouth - most 18"-19", lots of pike, and 2 muskies.

Thanks GNO!

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 5/29 - 6/8/08

Group Name: Harstad

Guest Comments: Cabin was good and everything worked well. Caught lake trout, northern, and bass. Walleye fishing was a bust.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/31 - 6/7/08

Group Name: Berryman / Springer

Guest Comments: Great fishing and accommodations. This is our 8th year with the Adams' and we are booking for next year.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 5/28 - 6/3/08

Group Name: Kaepplinger

Guest Comments: Late spring - weeds not up in shallows yet - bass good quality in size on reefs getting ready for beds. Beds just getting started to be built - males under cover shallow, got approx 35+ fish a day - fishing for smallmouth, got 30 northerns, 1 musky, 1 lake trout, and 1 sucker out of 217 total. Fishing all plastic. Cabin in good shape, nice to have 8hp motors in good running condition. THUMBS UP TO LUCAS & NICOLE! Enjoyed using the new non-stick pans. Already booked for next year.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 5/29 - 6/1/08

Group Name: Bernstrom

Guest Comments: Lake Trout fishing was a little slower than last year, still caught plenty. A good time had by all. We plan on returning in the fall.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/24 - 5/31/08

Group Name: Lingwall

Guest Comments: Good fishing last 2 days. Weather varied -hail, snow, rain, sun. Largest smallmouth - 22", largest  lake trout - 30", largest pike - 31". Fishing on portage lake was excellent (doubles). Excellent trip. Need better lake maps.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 5/26 - 5/29/08

Group Name: Hoftiezer

Guest Comments: First two days the lake trout fishing was slow. The last day was good. The cabin was in good working order.

Lake: Grant Lake

Dates: 5/24 - 5/28/08

Group Name: Outdoor Connection

Guest Comments: Good fishing, plenty of smallmouth bass, some lake trout, and quite a few northerns. Largest northern pike were 32-35". Caught 2 muskies fishing bass, largest was 50". Nice cabin and well equipped. Great time, would definitely recommend to others.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Canada Canadian Fly In Muskie Fishing Ontario Fly In Northern Pike Fishing in Canada

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 5/18 - 5/24/08

Group Name: Richmond

Guest Comments: Everything was great at the cabin and worked well. Liked the cabin and location better than the NW Arm cabin we had previously stayed at. Pike and smallmouth fishing was good. Not as many fish this trip as previous year, but excellent sizes. Also caught 2 muskies fishing bass, 32" & 36".

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/20 - 5/24/08

Group Name: Compston

Guest Comments: Smallmouth started biting well last couple of days (last day especially). Mostly around rocks and ledges, moving shallower in some spots.

Trophy Smallmouth Fishing in Canada Lake Trout Fishing in Ontario Ontario Fly In Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada

Lake: Off Lake

Dates: 5/20 - 5/23/08

Group Name: Peters

Guest Comments: Fishing was slower than last year due to the colder water temps. Caught some walleye and pike. Largest walleye was 24". Lost a big northern off the dock, in the 35"+ range.

Lake: Dogfly Lake

Dates: 5/15 - 5/20/08

Group Name: Schinbeckler

Guest Comments: Smallmouth were slower with the colder water temps. Lake Trout and Pike fishing were real good. Appreciate the on-time in and out. It helps with our long drive and only minor complaint are the boat cushions - look forward to coming back next year.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 5/15 - 5/18/08

Group Name: Jacobson

Guest Comments: Lake Trout fishing was real good. Most trout caught were 5-8#, with 12# being the largest. Line Bay produced the best fishing this year. Ciscoes were the prefered bait. Everything worked great at the cabin and looking forward to next year. Hopefully a normal ice out next year.

Lake: Pipestone Lake

Dates: 5/10 - 5/15/08

Group Name: Benson

Guest Comments: Weather was cold, water froze up a few different days. Everything worked well. Caught 17 trout and some pike. Booked our same dates for next year.

Topic: Ice is Off on Pipestone Lake


Opening the cabin up today.

Topic: Off Lake Pike Fishing & Pipestone/Clearwater Lake Ice Conditions

Date: 5/3/08

The northern pike fishing is good on Off Lake, caught around 10 pike in an hour. Most fish were in the 4-8# range. The largest being the pike pictured below, best luck was casting smaller stick baits and Mepps spinners.

Ontario - Trophy Pike Fishing

 Off Lake Northern Pike!

The ice on Clearwater / Pipestone is starting to break away from the shore. The 10" of snow that we had gotten is all gone now and things are progressing again. It will be a few days before to much happen I am guessing. A local pilot will be flying the area lakes on Sunday and I will post his report then.

Topic: Ice Conditions

Date: 4/25/08

Ice is out on Off Lake. Pipestone and the surrounding lakes should be off in 5-7 days. Check back for updates.

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