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2007 Canadian Hunting & Fishing Reports

Ice Fishing for Lake Trout, Fly In Outpost Fishing, Boat In Fishing, & Drive In Fishing Vacations for walleye northern pike, muskie, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and crappie. Canadian Hunting for Trophy Whitetail Deer and Black Bear in Ontario, Canada. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Lake: Remote Deer Hunt
Dates: Oct 22 - Nov 15, 2007
Group Name: -
Guest Comments: The hunt went well for this season. The temps were rather mild until the last few days of the last hunt. There were a total of 23 hunters with 17 bucks being harvested. Overall success rate of 74% was enjoyed this year with 3 hunters missing there bucks. One of the hunters that missed was from Longbow Elite and missed a beautiful 160"-170" class buck at 10 yards due to brush. The good news is that he is still alive and someone may be lucky enough to harvest him next year. The 3 largest buck harvested scored from 165" - 175". There were a handful of deer in the 130"-150" class as well. These are real trophies in anybodies eyes, and just goes to show that you don't have to go to Western Canada for a trophy buck. Spaces are limited for the 2008 season as most of the groups rebooked before leaving. If you are looking to try our services, contact us as soon as possible to go over dates and details.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 10/6/07-10/13/07
Group Name: Miklic
Guest Comments: Our primary target was muskie, along with some smallmouth fishing. We had three follows early in the week, but we couldn't entice them to bite. From midweek on, we had no follows or bites. We did some smallmouth fishing, and fishing was good when you found them. The week we were there they were occupying reefs, and were being caught anywhere from 40 feet up to about 15 feet deep. Our bait setup was a 3/8 to 1/2 ounce slip sinker rig with a minnow or a minnow and split shot rig. The smallmouth seemed to be mostly in the Northwest Arm portion of the lake. The areas around Bear Island seem to be devoid of fish. On Pipestone Lake I have found that you need to keep moving. If you don't find or catch any fish in a half hour or so, its time to move to the next reef. Tried for some walleye on Schistose, but no takers. The cabin was nice and the generator super quiet. The rental boat was very nice and roomy, with pretty good speed. Thanks for a great trip.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 9/25/07-9/29/07
Group Name: Merschman
Guest Comments: Fishing was great! We caught many lake trout between 26'-30'. Smallies were biting off and on throughout the week. Caught our limit of lake trout and smallies and had a bunch of good boiled, fried, and grilled fish dinners. Cabin was warm and cozy. We had a great trip! Thanks for everything!

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 9/16/07-9/21/07
Group Name: Graham
Guest Comments: Very good smallmouth, large pike, no muskies.

Lake: Pipestone
Dates: 9/15/07-9/19/07
Group Name: Snortum
Guest Comments: First day cold.Fishing was slow. Next day weather was excellent and fishing picked up. The bass and northern were abundant. Found most by casting spinners shallow to deep and in channels. Cabin was excellent and we were warm and cozy. Ate, slept, fished, read and enjoyed all. Great job Lucas and Nicole.

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 9/11 - 9/16/07
Group Name: Willocks
Guest Comments: Got smallmouth, 40-50 per day, plenty of northern up to 30" and one muskie - 44". Bass were up to 20". Scattered throughout lake. Baits used were Gulp leeches on drop shot, top water, and Shad Raps. Cold & windy, snow flurries on Friday. Nice trip, Lucas & Nicole do a great job, booking for next year. Curt, Mark, & Steve - Thank you!

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 9/7 - 9/15/07
Group Name: Nelson
Guest Comments: We had another good trip. Caught a variety of all the fish. Largest muskie 49 1/2". Weather was up & down. Had sun, wind, rain, sleet, & snow. Everything worked well at the cabin and already booked for next year.

Lake: Bear Hunt
Dates: 9/1 - 9/8/07
Group Name: Macon
Guest Comments: Everything was great again this year. Our group of 8 got 7 bears and one went home without, but passed on multiple bears. Facilities were great. Lucas, Nicole, and family took good care of us and made sure we had anything we needed. Already looking at returning for another bear hunt or deer next year.

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 9/2 - 9/11/07
Group Name: Shuey
Guest Comments: Great fishing, lots of bass, 18" largest. Northern and muskie were pretty scarce. Cabin and all facilities were great. Saw a moose in pull through to Napanee. Had some triples and doubles multiple times.

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 8/26 - 9?2/07
Group Name: Coplen
Guest Comments: Fishing fair to good, not as good as our 2006 trip last fall. Bass upto 18 1/2". average 14". Northern up to 33 3/4" and several over 30". The cabin is very nice and very comfortable. Really liked the new drip coffee maker. We really enjoy everything Lucas & Nicole do for us and the overnight accommodations on Off Lake work great for us.

Lake: Bear Hunt - Off Lake
Dates: 8/25 - 8/30/2007
Group Name: Frede
Guest Comments: Dan and I had a great time. I came here for a once in a lifetime bear hunt and I am happy with the results(I may have to come back one day again). GNO was recommended to us by some friends and we will certainly tell others of our great time. Lucas & Nicole are great outfitters and have great personalities. They made us feel very comfortable and gave us anything we needed. We left here with lots of great memories, a positive attitude and smiles on our faces.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 8/19 - 8/26/07
Group Name: Mitchell
Guest Comments: Cabin was great. The fishing was slow compared to normal. Caught walleyes with 26" being the largest.

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 8/22 - 8/26/07
Group Name: Haar
Guest Comments: Smallmouth fair and northern fishing fair to good. Caught a 10# lake trout. Cain clean and comfortable. This was my 5th trip with Lucas and family - accommodations & fishing exceeded our expectations.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 8/13 - 8/17/07
Group Name: Bendel
Guest Comments: First and last day was our best days fishing. The days in between were tough. My boy caught his personal best muskie - 46". Caught plenty of walleyes to eat and to take home. Caught a 30" trout one day jigging. Everything at the cabin worked well.

Lake: Grant
Dates: 8/9 - 8/12/07
Group Name: Turner
Guest Comments: Service was excellent. Beautiful lake and if you understand how to catch bass, it was a great 3 days of fishing. Biggest bass 18". Had one nice muskie or pike follow, but no hooks set into him.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 7/26 - 7/29/07
Group Name: Haslerud
Guest Comments: Everything at the cabin worked well. The weather was really hot. The trout fishing was ok, but have done better other years. We picked up one or two fish at most spots then had to move to find more active trout. Caught most trout in 75-110 feet of water.

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 7/20 - 7/29/07
Group Name: Lambert
Guest Comments: Nice days of wonderful fishing and weather. Incredible bass - most with explosive top water hits. Nothing to large; average size 2-3 pounds. Several nice northerns despite not putting in much effort going after them. 5-6 muskie follows - mid 40"s in size. Off Lake Cabins were impecable. Nicole always does a fantastic job. Really enjoyed the air service with Chuck.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 7/22 - 7/26/07
Group Name: Bendel
Guest Comments: Very hot weather - a lot of nice bass shallow still. Some northerns, although none big. Caught several nice walleyes, but mostly eaters - nothing real big and only hitting very early and late evening. Saw a few muskies, but nothing over 40" or so.

Lake: Dogfly Lake
Dates: 7/16 - 7/20/07
Group Name: Hilebrand
Guest Comments: Great weather, leeches caught the most fish. Several hundred smallmouth caught, largest being 19", very few pike. We really weren't trying for pike. Caught a few trolling. Caught at least 10 Lake Trout, the largest being 33". Boats and motors in good shape. No problems. Plenty of good fishing on Dogfly, we didn't do any portaging.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 7/14 - 7/20/07
Group Name: Czarnota
Guest Comments: Cabin is in excellent condition & beautiful location! Fishing was fantastic and the sunsets were even better!! We caught walleye, rock bass, smallmouth, and lots of northern. We had a phenominal time & will be back!!
Note:We brought our twin 6 year old sons who had the time of their life! Fishing, swimming, boat rides, exploring - there just wasn't enough time in a day for them to do everything they wanted.

Lake: Dogfly Lake
Dates: 7/10 - 7/14/07
Group Name: Thompson
Guest Comments: The food pack provided was very good. We all ate very well. The lake was alot bigger than expected. Caught alot of fish, mostly smaller fish caught. Had a great time, all equipment worked well. A depth finder and trolling motor would have been handy with the windy rainy weather.

Lake: Dogfly Lake
Dates: 6/28 - 7/7/07
Group Name: Cusentino
Guest Comments: Fishing was best ever. Broke our record number of fish caught this trip. Even caught 3 trout trolling for northerns, what a shock! As always, great trip. We love your lake! Planning on returning in August.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 6/24 - 7/1/07
Group Name: Kobielush
Guest Comments: Nice smallmouth/northern
muskies stayed down.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 6/24 - 7/1/07
Group Name: Kobielush
Guest Comments: Nice smallmouth/northern
muskies stayed down.

Lake: Dogfly Lake
Dates: 6/23 - 6/28/07
Group Name: Bitsko
Guest Comments: The weather changed frequently which left the fishing sporatic. Topwater at night was pretty good. Lots of bass all day on soft plastics. Mostly smaller fish. A few fish on beds were found in southern end of the lake. 30 fish a day were not uncommon. The better fish (3-5 pounds) were caught in 8-10 feet of water drop shotting 4"-6" Roboworms. Pike were caught using spinnerbaits & spoons in the grass beds. FUN STUFF!!!!

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 6/22 - 6/27/07
Group Name: Vuckson
Guest Comments: Despite the 100+mph winds it was a good solid trip with GNO. Cabin was very accommodating. Fish were scattered and suspended @ 10'-15' all over the lake. Most bass were small. Best were 18"-19". Most were 12"-15". Big northern with four being 34", 34", 36", & 37". Very healthy. Napanee portage is worth the hike and work.

Lake: Dogfly Lake
Dates: 6/16 - 6/23/07
Group Name: Troup
Guest Comments: Fishing tough first 3 days due to bad weather. Most bass were caught off the beds and we did real well when we could find fish in the main lake areas. 18" big bass came on top water pop-r plug. Several 16" - 17" bass were caught. Pike were sluggish all week. 38" pike was big fish for the week and came on a leech. Lakers were caught on spoons everyday we fished for them. 32" laker was the big fish in that category. Thanks to Lucas & Nikki for their hospitality once again.

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 6/18 - 6/22/07
Group Name: Scearce
Guest Comments: Wet first 2 days, storm fronts moving in & out. Great trip, Grant delivered all we could ask for. 1 Muskie - 31", over 100 pike, 50 bass, & 1 trout caught in 4 days of fishing. Napanee produced lots of good pike. The overnight accommodations and fishing on Off Lake was good the night before our trip as well. Thanks Lucas & Nicole. Already have our spot reserved for next year.

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 6/10 - 6/18/07
Group Name: Mahan/Brown
Guest Comments: We all enjoyed our trip. The fishing was good everyday. The smallmouth were on the beds for the fisrt part of our trip.

Lake: Dogfly Lake
Dates: 6/9 - 6/16/07
Group Name: Bristow
Guest Comments: Another good trip. Bass fishing excellent. Several fish 18" - 20". Trout fishing was good on windy days. Northern fishing fair. Thanks Lucas & Nikki for the hospitality and accommodations. See you next year.

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 6/4 - 6/10/07
Group Name: Lambert
Guest Comments: Great fishing! Lots of smallmouth. Several over 18" and 2 over 20". Few pike. Weather was windy. The bass were still on beds. Already have our spot reserved for next year.

Lake: Dogfly Lake
Dates: 6/2 - 6/9/07
Group Name: Springer/Berryman
Guest Comments: Great fishing! Great facilities! The perfect vacation get-a-way! Lucas & Nicole are the best. Looking forward to the trip next year. Bass were on the beds and we had lots of fun.

Lake: Off Lake
Dates: 6/8/07
Group Name: Little
Guest Comments: Fished Off Lake for day before going up to Pipestone Lake. Caught alot of northerns right out in front of the dock. Cabin was great and Nicole's breakfast hit the spot. We'll be back.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 6/3 - 6/8/07
Group Name: Snodgrass/Schmidt
Guest Comments: Lucas & Nicole were great hosts. The base camp is very well kept & very clean. The cabin on Pipestone is one of the nicest places we have stayed in the many years we have been coming to Canada. Hot & cold running water, a generator for electricity, and kept very clean. All the pots, pans, dishes, & ect. OH! Fishing was great as well. Caught a 38" muskie while fishing bass and caught more walleyes than expected and one big walleye.

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 5/29 - 6/4/07
Group Name: Salzburg/Kaepplinger
Guest Comments: Minimum 50-100 fish caught per day per boat(mostly bass). Most caught off beds in close to shore under timber near beds and in grass and weed beds. Rained 3 days, sunny 3 days - fished everyday - weather had no adverse effect. Looking forward to next year.

Lake: Dogfly Lake
Dates: 5/27 - 6/2/07
Group Name: Christensen
Guest Comments: We all had another great trip at Dogfly. We had lots of smallmouth action in the bays with bass on the beds. More pike this trip than other trips with good size. The lake trout fishing was good as well with Geno getting a 28" and 32" trout being the largest. We will be back.

Lake: Off Lake
Dates: 5/21/07
Group Name: Salzburg
Guest Comments: Lucas & Nikki told us to take one of their boats out for the evening before our fly in trip and it worked out well. We caught some big crappie and enjoyed the beautiful evening on Off Lake. The overnight cabin was perfect, tommorrow Grant Lake.

Lake: Pipestone Lake
Dates: 5/26 - 5/29/07
Group Name: Brooks
Guest Comments: Everything worked great at the cabin. It is the nicest outpost we have stayed in on our trips to Canada fishing. We had lots of fun with the bass, but the trout didn't cooperate very well. Caught our trout for dinner right off of the dock. We also had a muskie on for a little bit, but it got off.

Lake: Grant Lake
Dates: 5/22 - 5/29/07
Group Name: Gottlieb
Guest Comments: Fishing was pretty slow on the days when it was very cold, rainy, & windy, but great on the other days. Lots of bass and fewer northerns this year than in the past. Another good year at Grant Lake!

Lake: GNO
Dates: *
Group Name: *
Guest Comments: We currently have openings for the 2007 season, call or email now to check on available dates for your fishing trip or our whitetail deer hunts.

Lake: Dogfly
Dates: 5/22 - 5/27/07
Group Name: Dowling
Guest Comments: First 2 days windy, temps 60-75 degrees. Several lake trout(22"-26") caught(10-12) on 3/4oz black & white rattle traps. Lots of of bass 10' - 15' off of shore near beds. Third and fourth day temperatures dropped to 45 - 55 degrees and showers. Bass still biting, but less active. Great Northern, were all in 25" - 37" size. Largest was 13#. Fifth day was heavy rain and wind, so we took the day off. Overall quality of fish was the best in 8 years of our trips fishing different lakes in Ontario.

Lake: Off Lake
Dates: 5/22 - 5/25/07
Group Name: Peters
Guest Comments: We stayed 3 days and the 3 of us caught 160 fish. Walleye fishing was good, accommodations were great and they made us feel at home. We had some motor problems and they didn't hesitate to help us and got us back out fishing again. We will be back. P.S. - they put us on fish fast.

Lake: Dogfly
Dates: 5/17 - 5/22/07
Group Name: Schindbeckler
Guest Comments: Everything worked great. Cabin was spotless when we arrived. The new barbeque, pillows, and huge dry pile of firewood next to the cabin was great. Fishing was really good 3 out of the 5 days. The wind made it more difficult to fish, but great trip, already rebooked for next year.

Lake: Pipestone
Dates: 5/17 - 5/20/07
Group Name: Hoftiezer
Guest Comments: The trout fishing was fair. The wind made it a little more difficult for us to fish. Everyone enjoyed the trip and the cabin was very comfortable and well kept. We will be back next spring.

Lake: Pipestone
Dates: 5/12 - 5/17/07
Group Name: Benson
Guest Comments: Everything was in good condition at the cabin. Fishing was pretty good overall. The trout averaged 6-8#. Already got our spot for next year.

Lake: Pipestone
Dates: 5/9 - 5/12/07
Group Name: Barnstrom
Guest Comments: We had a great time. The cabin is very comfotable and has a great view of the lake. Trout fishing started out slow, then really picked up. When they decide to bite, we caught a bunch of fish in a short time. We'll be back in August hopefully.

Lake: Pipestone
Dates: 5/6 - 5/9/07
Group Name: Jacobson
Guest Comments: Another great trip, our group caught about 50 - 60 trout. Caught them trolling and shore fishing with sucker meat. Cabin was great as usual, already booked in for next year.

Lake: Pipestone
Dates: 5/4-5/6/07
Group Name: Haslerud
Guest Comments: Everything worked good at the cabin. No problems. Caught about 60 trout in 2 days of fishing. Almost all fish caught trolling.

Lake: GNO
Dates: 5-17-07
Group Name: Test
Guest Comments: Check out our fishing reports for the latest info on the action in our area. Detailed reports coming soon!

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