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Ontario Fly In Fishing
Ontario Walleye Fishing
Ontario Walleye Fishing
Ontario Walleye Fishing
Ontario Fly In Fishing
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Fly In Fishing Outpost in Ontario, Canada - Walleye, Northern Pike, & Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Enjoy a fly in fishing trip for trophy smallmouth bass, walleye, and pike at our remote outpost on Fishtrap Lake. Ontario fly in fishing at it's finest. Book your fly in fishing trip before it's to late, limited availability.

Ontario Fly-In  Fishing on Fishtrap Lake

Fishtrap Lake Fly In Outpost Cabin - C&R

Only cabin on the lake!

Accommodates (8)  2 bedroom

Minimum Party -

June - 4 people

May, July, Aug, Sept - 2 people

Fish walleye, smallmouth bass, and northern pike!

Our remote fly in outpost cabin located on Fishtrap Lake is a multi species fishing paradise. This stained water lake offers excellent smallmouth bass, northern pike, and walleye fishing. The lake is approximately 3 ½ - 4 miles long and up to 1 mile wide. There are a few small feeder streams entering the lake and one flowage leaving the lake. The smallmouth bass are abundant and can be found on the many rock reefs and boulder piles around the lake. There are lots of bass in the 2-3# range with some pushing over the 5# mark. The northern pike are plentiful and run in the 4-7# range with many going over the 40” mark. These aggressive fish can found in the many weed beds and on the deeper rock structure around the lake. The walleye will also be found on the rock reefs and cruising the weed lines around the lake. These fish will run in the 19-24“ range with trophies pushing up to the 32” mark. Many large walleyes are caught and released on these waters. Fishtrap is known for larger walleyes. There are also a couple portage lakes that offer more great fishing for fast action walleye, smallmouth bass, and northern pike. These portages are where you can expect to catch numbers of eater size walleyes. The one portage is a short walk to a fast action walleye lake with boats and motors waiting. It also offers some fantastic smallmouth bass fishing. The other portage is a long hike to an un named walleye lake visited by only a few fishermen each year. There is also another fast action walleye lake that can be accessed by boating up a creek and over beaver damns depending on the water level and your ambition level. Fishtrap is also a great destination during the summer months with its beautiful sand beaches for swimming. If you are looking for a lake with lots of options for fishing and exploring, Fishtrap will not disappoint. It is a favorite with many anglers. Call now to secure your remote fly in fishing adventure on Fishtrap Lake today.

Book your next Ontario Walleye Fly In Fishing Trip today, it's not going to get any cheaper or easier. Reserve your dates today for a Canadian fishing trip of a lifetime!

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Fishtrap Lake fly in fishing trip video

2019 Fishtrap Lake Rates:
(Prices are per person in U.S. funds)
2-3 Adults 4-5 Adults 6-8 Adults
3 - Days $1245.00 $1050.00 $1000.00
4 - Days $1320.00 $1125.00 $1075.00
5 - Days $1395.00 $1200.00 $1150.00
6 - Days $1470.00 $1275.00 $1225.00
7 - Days $1545.00 $1350.00 $1300.00

1/2 Price for kids 16 and under after minimum party size met

Receive 20% off 2nd trip in the same calendar year
Deposit of $400.00 per/person required for all fly in trips.


Fish cleaning building with running water and fuel storage shed are also a feature at our remote fly in outpost cabin on Fishtrap Lake.

You're not likely to spend a lot of time inside when you're at one of our fly-in outpost cabins, but it's nice to know that when you do, the facilities are clean and comfortable. All of our fly-in outpost camps have Honda generators, solar powered lights with hot and cold running water. The Fishtrap Lake cabin is equipped with a Honda generator, electric fridge, chest freezer, fluorescent lighting, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, back up solar powered lights, additional outlets to charge electronics, and hot and cold running water. The cabin also has a large 10' x16' screened in porch. These photographs represent the type of cabin facilities you can expect to find at our remote fly in fishing outpost camps! Book your next Ontario walleye fishing trip today.

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Ontario Fly In Fishing

Ontario Fly In Fishing Cabin

Fishtrap Lake fly in outpost cabin in Ontario Ontario Fly In Fishing Ontario Fly In Fishing

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